Welcome To Our Law Firm

For almost 30 years, David Frankel has been a trusted legal and strategic advisor providing practical legal counsel on complex matters including US, Canada and cross-border mergers, acquisitions and investments, regulatory compliance, venture capital and dispute resolution.

We are committed to helping individuals, companies and other ventures manage a wide range of legal issues.

This includes everything from founding, financing, growing and selling startups to negotiating, documenting, finalizing and closing on complex transactions and navigating through challenging business and legal matters.

We have developed strong, long term client relationships by focusing on technical excellence, attention to detail and accuracy in support of the big picture business needs of our clients.

Whether you are a technology, software or legal cannabis startup, a legal hemp/CBD company, or a visionary who has created the next disruptive business plan, if you are seeking an experienced attorney and counselor at law for your legal matter, be it mundane or the ‘deal of the century’, FLG has what you need.

Managing Fees Efficiently

At FLG, we understand that legal and transactional budgets are limited. FLG delivers legal services super-efficiently without the redundancies and excessive charges that clients often suffer at the hands of large law firms. We personalize our services to strategically meet the needs of each specific client. We also help manage large law firms and outside legal specialists and litigators in order to push the large firms to minimize billing errors and inflated charges.

Due to the level of commitment and personalized service we provide, we ask each client to make a minimum commitment to us by engaging us with a modest “true retainer.” A “true retainer” is one that is earned at the commencement of the engagement, unlike a deposit. Once the “true retainer” is paid by a client, it is not thereafter requested, although our firm reserves the right to request retainer deposits to secure against expected fees on large matters as a form of security for payment. Our “true retainers” include five (5) billable hours of attorney time to be used within one year from the initial engagement.

Once engaged in writing and the “true retainer” is paid, FLG is available during normal business hours Pacific Time, subject to scheduling commitments which are made on a first come, first served basis.

David Frankel-Frankel Law Group APC


Attorney and counselor at law

David Frankel has 30 years’ professional experience as a multi-disciplinary business attorney, consultant, owner, director, partner and part-time professor, nonprofit director and aide to tribal government, working in various fields including digital media, agriculture and rural economic development.

Legal Experience

Corporate Counsel & Transactional: Business, Commercial and Real Estate Law; Startups; Securities Law; Financings; Mergers/Acquisitions; LLCs; Partnerships; Joint Ventures, Closely Held & Family Businesses

Intellectual Property: Copyright, Trademark; Digital Media Law and Licensing

Mediation: Marital Settlements; Business Dispute Resolution; Redwood Forest Dispute

US Federal: US Nuclear Regulatory Administrative Litigation; Federal District & Appellate Litigation; US Trademarks; US Copyrights; Federal Administrative Law

practice areas & experience

Mission Critical, Swift Maneuvering
  • Startups/Seed Stage and Private Placements
  • Outside Corporate General Counsel
  • Investor Counsel
  • Mergers & Acquisitions, Dispositions and Reorganizations of Ventures and Real Estate
  • Special Regulatory Counsel
  • Legal Cannabis including hemp/CBD, medical and recreational
  • Intellectual Property
  • Cross-Border US/Canada Transactions
  • Dispute Resolution